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1. What is the drinking age in Costa Rica?

18 years old

2. How old do I have to be to drive or rent a vehicle?

You need to be 18 years old to drive, and some car rentals will require you to be at least 21-25, but not all.

3. Is prostitution legal in Costa Rica?

Contrary to what many believe, prostitution is NOT legal in Costa Rica, especially if you pay a minor for sexual favor, you WILL go to jail.

The reason people believe prostitution is legal is because it is legal for the prostitute to offer her service and it is legal to be a prostitute, but the law says it is illegal to promote and encourage prostitution. By hiring the service of a prostitute and paying her (him), your are considered to be promoting the activity.

4. How far away is Costa Rica?

We are a short 2.5 hour flight from Miami International Airport.

5. How far away are the beaches from San Jose Airport?

The closest beaches in central pacific are 2.5 hours from San Jose, and the north pacific beaches are 5 hours away. But if you land in Liberia Airport in Guanacaste, you will be 45 minutes away from the north pacific beaches which are the most sought after.

6. How far ahead should I plan my Spring Break Trip?

Spring Break vacation drives thousands of students towards our beaches, and many vacation rentals large enough to fit such groups are quickly booked, we recommend at least 4-6 months of booking in advance, mainly because spring break is sometimes also our Easter Vacation, and Costa Ricans get van entire week off work and flee to the beaches having made reservations a year ahead of time, and very little lodging is left.

7. Is renting a vehicle recommended?

Absolutely. While you can get by on private shuttles and public transportation, spring break groups in general are very active and like to get around as many beaches possible and go to as many tours as they can, and this is impossible without having your own transportation.

8. Are group rates and student discounts available?

Absolutely, you must remember to bring your student ID to benefit from group and student discounts.

9. What can I expect from the nightlife?

Bars and clubs will go on almost all night. Some close around 2:00am or 3:00am, but many will go on till dawn. Specially this time of year with so many concerts going on.

10. What fun activities can my group do?

Most groups really enjoy taking a couple of days to go to Arenal Volcano for canyoning/ rappelling, zip lining, and hot springs before going to the beach. At the beach you can do ATV four wheeler tours, sport fishing, sailing, scuba dive, snorkel, booze cruise, sunset cruise, white water rafting and much more.

FYI: What Press Release is saying about Spring Break in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: The New Prime Destination for Spring Break Travelers

San Jose, Costa Rica, November 4, 2008. If you are a young, fun loving, party craving, Spring break enthusiast, tired of the same old story, then your prayers have been answered. Forget about whatever plans you might have for this upcoming Spring Break vacation, there is a new option to consider that will make you change your plans in a heartbeat. So pack your bags and gather you friends cause you’re going to Costa Rica, and no one does spring break packages like Costa Rica Spring Break Vacations .

The highlight for any college student every first semester is the spring break vacation he or she has planned. Nothing else in the world matters as much or motivates a student to get through the day as much as the thought of the upcoming spring break trip. Many things come to mind when you think of spring break, ie: parties, beaches, friends, crazy fun, but also destinations come to mind such as Cancun, Panama City Beach, and other sun filled destinations. But there is a new, recently discovered destination which is blowing the rest out of the water, and this new spring break destination is the Central American country of Costa Rica.

Only a short two and a half hour flight from Miami, this small country might be small in size but huge in natural beauty. Known to many as the “Switzerland of Central America,” Costa Rica boasts a 95% literacy rate and has no standing army. No other country in Central or South America, provides a safer, more healthy, and enjoyable travelling environment than Costa Rica. Home to over twice the number of bird species in the entire US, plus warm weather all year round, it is no surprise why Costa Rica is a preferred destination by all age groups.

But let’s get real, you want to know why Costa Rica is making other destinations seem like a pile of homework. Well, where else can you include erupting volcanoes, zip-lines, ATVs, rappelling down waterfalls, white water rafting, rainforests, world class surfing and scuba diving, and of course fantastic night life all in one week. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know all the activities and tours available, sites like Costa Rica Exotic Travel can be very helpful. This company has partnered with Costa Rica Spring Break Vacations to provide spring break travelers with the ultimate vacation packages

Many spring break destinations really only offer parties and drinking till you pass out. By the time the week is over you can only remember half of it. Costa Rica’s natural beauty, abundance of eco/adventure tours, pristine white sand beaches and virgin rainforests will allow you to fill your day up with activities while still having the optional night life and beach parties. Why limit your day activities to only booze? Instead, take advantage of this beautiful world we live in, discover the amazing life beneath the ocean, learning to scuba dive takes a couple of hours, and places like Scuba Dive Costa Rica can take you for the diving tours of your life.

So forget the same old itinerary. Fortunately companies like Costa Rica Spring Break Vacations can set you up with spring break deals and group discounts in case you are on a budget. Their packages offer all sorts of available itineraries which you can customize to meet your groups needs. There are no excuses not to visit this recently discovered all inclusive destination. You’re spring break stories will be the envy of those who took the same old route down south, guaranteed.

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